On being a ‘Tweet’otaler

YES, I belong to this sensible group of people who have turned away from Twitter. Of-course, at this statement many of my Twitter loving readers would object and wag their fingers  . . . but I feel Twitter is nothing more than boring frustrating account of people’s day-to-day life, expressed that too in one liners for it has a character limit. Twitter not only limit you to post some trivial bullshit but mandates you and as a proof to this statement tweets like the ones below are often seen 🙂

“I went for a drive at 2:30 AM” !   ,

“Dosa tastes best with chutney only”.

I have only one advice for people with such tweets “Get a life ” and spare others as well because seriously nobody cares about it. I mean how can anyone express his feelings about anything within 140 letters and still leave an impact on the reader. Let me make it clear that I do not hate those who use twitter. Most people use Twitter casually since it is the next iteration of Facebook or Orkut . Terms like ‘scraps’ transformed to ‘tweets’ and ‘friends’ to ‘followers’. Log-in to either of these websites  and you see loads of “tweets” transformed to ==>  “Whats on your mind?”  … being updated every 15 minutes, where even household chores becomes your “Status message” !!

I don’t want to write on all the drawbacks of Twitter and sound like Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/11) here but one thing is clear, Twitter will neither be missed nor it would replace blogs .

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Snow Leopard-Bug in Terminal.app

Apple released Snow Leopard (10.6) with lot of refinements  and additional features to existing Applications. But as the saying goes in the software ecosystem “Lot of code means lot of bugs” and Apple did justify this by releasing  mega-patch to cover vulnerabilities affecting the Mac OS X. The Terminal.app has been one of my favorite and heavily used application and hence hidden bugs surface more often. The previous bug being on Tiger 10.4, legacy continues unfortunately on Snow leopard as well.

Now here is a scenario, Navigate to /Applications/Utilities and launch Terminal.app. Enter sudo su –  as shown in the picture. It would ask you for a password.


Now without entering the password, Quit the Terminal

Screen shot 2009-11-05 at 2.56.05 PM

and boom ! … Terminal.app goes kaput, doesn’t even show the prompt and becomes useless. The only option to rectify this  is to restart the machine. Now how is that for a bug 🙂


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Stock market aficionado


With a plan to give wings to some of my financial desires, I have been devoting some time these days in analyzing the Stock markets. Yeah …  I know that this is contradicting to my earlier post to which there were few comments from a small yet thoughtful reader base. Even though the goal is to make “money” ( would be lying if I hadn’t mentioned it !), this is a kind of an experiment in the world of Gambling. This word is not new since it has a profound association with one of the epics of Hindu history – The Mahabharata. (without gambling i guess Mahabharata would never be written at all !

Trading at the stock markets has been quite eventful till now with occasional profit bookings. But the most interesting and challenging part of it is to constantly overcome the state of indecisiveness about a particular stock, whether to hold back or to sell. Now the “analysis” part of stock kicks in which has some uniquely hilarious words that one should be familiar to understand, especially those spoken on some of the private channels –  “The level of 4500 acted as a hurdle for the market and kept it below the equilibrium level of 4475 on closing basis. One more reason for the contraction of the activity may be that the nifty is in between several supports and resistance which are placed within a shorter distance of each other.”  🙂

At the moment my experiment is being limited to stock markets alone and i am looking for an opportunity to ‘diversify’ it. Very soon there will be updates which i hope would entice the readers on different forms of gambling !

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Snow leopard-flavour of the season


The cat family moves on, from 10.0 Cheetah to the latest 10.6 Snow Leopard being its seventh major release. Wonder if the next OS X would be named as Lion as that is the only one left in the cat family. Well… got to wait and watch. I have been using  Snow Leopard  for few days now and must say that there has been lot of refinements especially the Exchange support with auto discovery feature of Microsoft Exchange Server. The hype surrounded the OS X with Apple giving developer seeds only to people or companies with developer accounts, stopping people from disclosing information to public under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Just days before its release the security world on the net went abuzz with rumors that Apple has quietly added a new  feature to scan software downloads for malware. Hmm… contradicting to what they actually advertise http://movies.apple.com/movies/us/apple/getamac_ads1/viruses_480x376.mov . Later it was found that Snow Leopard is protecting Mac users against certain file types. The plist file is located in the below path


Even though Snow Leopard is basically a glorified service pack of the current Leopard 10.5 it has lot more to offer.One can go through the technical specification in this link http://www.apple.com/macosx/specs.html. Finally coming to the most obvious question … Will Snow Leopard be a better OS than Windows 7? Only time would tell.

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Escape to “Gods Own Country”

Ah! … a much awaited one. It had been quite a long time that i had ventured out of bangalore, trying hard to break free from the monotonous 9 to 7 life.  A thought of trip hadn’t ever crossed my mind until i received a call from my friend for a trip to Guruvayur, the adobe of Lord Krishna in Kerala. I replied with a resounding YES  and on a friday night we were off towards Kerala.

Traveling in the night was crazy as everyone were at their talkative best, apart from me as i dozed off mid-way :-). Its still fresh in my mind, the way we pulled each others legs, those never ending singing of songs, dumb charades, quizzing sessions on Ramayana and Mahabharata and the famous Argentina T-Shirts that 2 of my friends wore to the temple ! This requires a special mention – probably the most violent debate ever recorded till date which started at 5:45 AM saturday on Sri Sri RaviShankar’s Art of Living and in the end a wonderful darshan of Lord Krishna. All in all a perfect trip to “Gods Own Country” !

They say that “Pictures speak a thousand words” but i don’t know about “Perfect Pictures” !! 🙂




Picure Perfect

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(Mac OS X 10.4)Bug in Terminal.app

I had a long overdue for a post in this category as hectic work at the office kept me at bay. But there was an interesting find that had to be posted, for i strongly feel that solution for this trivial yet hard to identify bug would help all those users who are still on Tiger 10.4.X and here is the flash back …

Couple of months ago I was working on some shell scripts and was trying to get a PID of Console application running on Tiger 10.4.11 with the below command and to my amazement i didn’t get the process id at all even though console.app was running !! After some struggle it came to behavior that was illogical, it never worked for the very first time i opened the terminal and then type the below command. Try executing different commands and then the below command would work fine. I tried many other options thinking some of my commands were wrong but with little success and neither did Google search helped. The same command was working like a charm on Leopard 10.5
PID=`ps -ax -o "pid" -o "command" | grep -i "/Applications/Utilities/Console.app/Contents/MacOS/Console" | grep -v grep | awk '{print $1}'`
echo $PID

Days went by and was still not able to figure out why the above problem was happening. But then i discovered a strange thing when i expanded the terminal . Check out the picture below,

Weird Space

If you open a new terminal, window resolution will be by default 80×24. That is it has 80 columns. so when you type the above ps -ax command, the output of this command will stretch to columns more than 80. So i probably think there is bug in Terminal.app on Tiger. If you expand the terminal for a bigger view after the ps -ax command, most of the output will be truncated and hence i wasn’t getting the PID. Phew … that’s a weird find but how about the fix?

PID=`ps -ax -w -w -o "pid" -o "command" | grep -i "/Applications/Utilities/Console.app/Contents/MacOS/Console" | grep -v grep | awk '{print $1}'`
echo $PID

see those “-w ” twice .. well if you man ps command you will know it. After this small tweak in the script everything works fine !

man ps

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Make Money – the New Mantra

I had reflected in my earlier post https://arjunsm.wordpress.com/2009/03/02/making-money/ about making money, fast becoming a new hobby and interestingly it got the highest number of hits. It made me think of the fact that the keyword “Money” draws more eyeballs that any other. I recently got a mail from a social networking site, thought i would upload  a snapshot of it …


It’s all about the amazing diversity of opportunities that people are finding to make money with minimum effort. Even blogging which once started as pass time for many has become a serious money minting business. I recently stumbled upon this post from Wall Street journal “America’s Newest Profession: Bloggers for Hire” http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124026415808636575.html#articleTabs%3Darticle. As said in this article , there are 452,000 people using blogging as their primary source of income !!  That’s a staggering number, wonder if this is because of the buzz word these days called “RECESSION”  . Of course,  internet has always been a great source for people to make a living … and to earn without parting away from their home comforts is like an icing on the cake.I have to cite the overused cliche here “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”!

There are couple of websites that caught my attention, using which people from around the world are making money

1. SoftwareJudge.com :-  If your are a computer geek and an avid lover of trying out new software on your system, then why not get paid for all the reviews that you can give. This  is one website that pays you around 50$ per review.


2. Ether.com :- If you are an expert in anything and you have the ability to give advice then this is the website where you get paid it. The site also offers “Call me” buttons for your website or blog as well as some advice on how to market yourself to get more calls.


3. Cash crate : – This is small excerpt from the website itself ” Do you know that companies are paying top-dollar to have users like you try their products and services for free? At CashCrate, we pass that money on to you. Simply complete free offers and get paid without spending a dime!”

Cash crate

Though i haven’t personally tried these websites, i came across articles which had given good reviews against these websites. So if you are trying out any of these mentioned sites, all the very best.

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