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My New Found Hobby.. !!

It was 11:30 in the night.  While talking with my roomie I was setting up my bed to crash on it in this new house i had moved into just a week ago. Out of the blue he spoke about a blog he had written recently.  He went on telling  as to how millions of people write blogs just about anything. I was fascinated instantly. Of-course i had heard about blogging, but i was never serious about it.

I switched off the room light as my roomie was feeling sleepy, so was i few minutes back, but this conversation was like strong cup of coffee which woke me up. My mind was bombarded with thoughts, fighting vigorously against sleep inducing chemicals. Why shouldn’t i blog.?  What should i be writing in my blogs.? Should it be completely technical writing about  Plugins , Fameworks, Interfaces.? as it gels well with my professional career. What should i write in my first blog.? How will my friends react to my blogs .? I couldn’t stop my mind to think.

This is me .. a software Engineer , programmer by day, programmer by evening, not so good programmer by night. I work in a company which requires me to code in the night as well … ah, during  release times it will always be a night-out.
So after almost 2 weeks i decided to put all my thoughts that happened on that night. I dont know at this point what i would be writing about in future but one thing is for sure i would be blogging. May be i can call myself a blogaholic some day in future and i am taking baby steps here, really felt good writing this.

I created an account in which is an open source blog publishing application with some fantastic features and to top it all this app also features in linkedIn. There is much more, You can actually install WordPress locally on your own machine. I will tell as to how to install on your machine in my coming blogs .

For the ever increasing percentage of bloggers, i too am joining this family. Now i can proudly say Blogging is my new found hobby :-).



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