Your MacBook against THEFT

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Has the fear of your Mac Book stolen … gripped you at-least once? Well, One of the common fear’s for all those fortunate people who own mobile gadgets, especially the beautiful Mac Books – is THEFT . None can take his eyes off this notebook and if you are one those unfortunate people, sure would have itchy feeling in your hands. But have you ever wondered if Apple ever had any protection plan for Mac Books?

Mac Book Air

“Beginning with the PowerBook G4 (12-inch, 1.5GHz), PowerBook G4 (15-inch, 1.67/1.5GHz), PowerBook G4 (17-inch, 1.67GHz), and iBook G4 (Mid 2005), Apple portable computers feature a Sudden Motion Sensor. Intel-based Apple portables such as the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air also make use of the Sudden Motion Sensor.” This is text written in Apple website.

Navigate to “About this Mac” by clicking on the Apple symbol on the top left corner of the screen in your Mac Book and click on “More Info…” and you see


Sudden Motion Sensor is designed to detect unusually strong vibrations, sudden changes in position or accelerated movement. If the computer is dropped, the Sudden Motion Sensor instantly parks the hard drive heads to help reduce the risk of damage to the hard drive on impact. If you want in depth understanding about Sudden Motion Sensor visit

There are many applications which make use of SMS ad protect your Mac Book.

1. LockDown – Anti theft system for mac is a Mac security application built from the popular iAlertU. Once your alarm has been set off, your computer will sound a loud alarm and prevent the system from being muted or put to sleep.

2. iAlertU – AlertU is the first of its kind alarm system for your Apple MacBook computer.  Basically iAlertU is a car alarm for your Apple Mac. iAlertU uses the built in sudden motion sensor (SMS) device to detect movement of your Apple MacBook and triggers an audible and visual alarm.

3. BumpAlarm 0.9 -BumpAlarm is a program that uses the motion sensors in Apple’s new Powerbooks to trigger various actions when motion is detected. It can be set it to automatically play a sound file, send an email alert, or run an applescript.

SMS can also be a source of entertainment to some extent and here are few applications which you can check out.
1. SeisMac —>
2. MacSaber —>

I actually installed MacSaber and it was fun to play with.

3. Slapbook 0.65 —>
4. Liquidmac —>

Have Fun!!!

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