BORED!!! … but Why?

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Why do we get bored?

I FAIL to understand and would go any length to understand, probably would get many along with me as well to find out … why?  People around me say this a lot, including myself “I’m not working today because …  I’m bored.” But if you think hard on that exact feeling, would lead to perpetual darkness, unable to explain anything about it.  Wonder if its because of the kind of work we are involved in. There would be a day or two when inertia overpowers us.

Trying to unearth this mystery, i sought for a Medical explanation as to why we get this feeling? I am no Medical student so my easy access was a dictionary. It says “feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity.” (was bored & hence this effort.) Even in Medical science there is not much that is known about it, except that boredom is very unpleasant and can only be experienced and cannot be expressed. This finding was completely orthogonal to my imagination as i had thought of some hormones getting drastically low and hence experience boredom. It is believed by some researchers that people experience boredom out of an inability to know what they are feeling and what it is that they really want. This feeling has a new medical term — “Alexithymia” which means inability to know what one’s feelings really are. Well my inference is … if you don’t have any work that keeps you occupied, you get bored. Is it possible that, one can have a situation when there is nothing to do? I tend to disagree. We get bored when we do not want to do, what we are supposed to do.

Now … look at my sorry self , got bored in what-ever work I was involved in, started writing this blog so as to make myself understand or rather  incoherently as to why I got bored, trying desperately to change my mental state  and probably you too got bored in what you were involved in, looking out for a change, began reading my blog and that state is called BOREDOM.

aah ..! truly a long one but what the heck..? I was bored 🙂

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