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With a plan to give wings to some of my financial desires, I have been devoting some time these days in analyzing the Stock markets. Yeah …  I know that this is contradicting to my earlier post to which there were few comments from a small yet thoughtful reader base. Even though the goal is to make “money” ( would be lying if I hadn’t mentioned it !), this is a kind of an experiment in the world of Gambling. This word is not new since it has a profound association with one of the epics of Hindu history – The Mahabharata. (without gambling i guess Mahabharata would never be written at all !

Trading at the stock markets has been quite eventful till now with occasional profit bookings. But the most interesting and challenging part of it is to constantly overcome the state of indecisiveness about a particular stock, whether to hold back or to sell. Now the “analysis” part of stock kicks in which has some uniquely hilarious words that one should be familiar to understand, especially those spoken on some of the private channels –  “The level of 4500 acted as a hurdle for the market and kept it below the equilibrium level of 4475 on closing basis. One more reason for the contraction of the activity may be that the nifty is in between several supports and resistance which are placed within a shorter distance of each other.”  🙂

At the moment my experiment is being limited to stock markets alone and i am looking for an opportunity to ‘diversify’ it. Very soon there will be updates which i hope would entice the readers on different forms of gambling !

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