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On being a ‘Tweet’otaler

YES, I belong to this sensible group of people who have turned away from Twitter. Of-course, at this statement many of my Twitter loving readers would object and wag their fingers  . . . but I feel Twitter is nothing more than boring frustrating account of people’s day-to-day life, expressed that too in one liners for it has a character limit. Twitter not only limit you to post some trivial bullshit but mandates you and as a proof to this statement tweets like the ones below are often seen 🙂

“I went for a drive at 2:30 AM” !   ,

“Dosa tastes best with chutney only”.

I have only one advice for people with such tweets “Get a life ” and spare others as well because seriously nobody cares about it. I mean how can anyone express his feelings about anything within 140 letters and still leave an impact on the reader. Let me make it clear that I do not hate those who use twitter. Most people use Twitter casually since it is the next iteration of Facebook or Orkut . Terms like ‘scraps’ transformed to ‘tweets’ and ‘friends’ to ‘followers’. Log-in to either of these websites  and you see loads of “tweets” transformed to ==>  “Whats on your mind?”  … being updated every 15 minutes, where even household chores becomes your “Status message” !!

I don’t want to write on all the drawbacks of Twitter and sound like Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/11) here but one thing is clear, Twitter will neither be missed nor it would replace blogs .

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