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Stock market aficionado


With a plan to give wings to some of my financial desires, I have been devoting some time these days in analyzing the Stock markets. Yeah …  I know that this is contradicting to my earlier post to which there were few comments from a small yet thoughtful reader base. Even though the goal is to make “money” ( would be lying if I hadn’t mentioned it !), this is a kind of an experiment in the world of Gambling. This word is not new since it has a profound association with one of the epics of Hindu history – The Mahabharata. (without gambling i guess Mahabharata would never be written at all !

Trading at the stock markets has been quite eventful till now with occasional profit bookings. But the most interesting and challenging part of it is to constantly overcome the state of indecisiveness about a particular stock, whether to hold back or to sell. Now the “analysis” part of stock kicks in which has some uniquely hilarious words that one should be familiar to understand, especially those spoken on some of the private channels –  “The level of 4500 acted as a hurdle for the market and kept it below the equilibrium level of 4475 on closing basis. One more reason for the contraction of the activity may be that the nifty is in between several supports and resistance which are placed within a shorter distance of each other.”  🙂

At the moment my experiment is being limited to stock markets alone and i am looking for an opportunity to ‘diversify’ it. Very soon there will be updates which i hope would entice the readers on different forms of gambling !

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Make Money – the New Mantra

I had reflected in my earlier post about making money, fast becoming a new hobby and interestingly it got the highest number of hits. It made me think of the fact that the keyword “Money” draws more eyeballs that any other. I recently got a mail from a social networking site, thought i would upload  a snapshot of it …


It’s all about the amazing diversity of opportunities that people are finding to make money with minimum effort. Even blogging which once started as pass time for many has become a serious money minting business. I recently stumbled upon this post from Wall Street journal “America’s Newest Profession: Bloggers for Hire” As said in this article , there are 452,000 people using blogging as their primary source of income !!  That’s a staggering number, wonder if this is because of the buzz word these days called “RECESSION”  . Of course,  internet has always been a great source for people to make a living … and to earn without parting away from their home comforts is like an icing on the cake.I have to cite the overused cliche here “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”!

There are couple of websites that caught my attention, using which people from around the world are making money

1. :-  If your are a computer geek and an avid lover of trying out new software on your system, then why not get paid for all the reviews that you can give. This  is one website that pays you around 50$ per review.


2. :- If you are an expert in anything and you have the ability to give advice then this is the website where you get paid it. The site also offers “Call me” buttons for your website or blog as well as some advice on how to market yourself to get more calls.


3. Cash crate : – This is small excerpt from the website itself ” Do you know that companies are paying top-dollar to have users like you try their products and services for free? At CashCrate, we pass that money on to you. Simply complete free offers and get paid without spending a dime!”

Cash crate

Though i haven’t personally tried these websites, i came across articles which had given good reviews against these websites. So if you are trying out any of these mentioned sites, all the very best.

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BORED!!! … but Why?


Why do we get bored?

I FAIL to understand and would go any length to understand, probably would get many along with me as well to find out … why?  People around me say this a lot, including myself “I’m not working today because …  I’m bored.” But if you think hard on that exact feeling, would lead to perpetual darkness, unable to explain anything about it.  Wonder if its because of the kind of work we are involved in. There would be a day or two when inertia overpowers us.

Trying to unearth this mystery, i sought for a Medical explanation as to why we get this feeling? I am no Medical student so my easy access was a dictionary. It says “feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity.” (was bored & hence this effort.) Even in Medical science there is not much that is known about it, except that boredom is very unpleasant and can only be experienced and cannot be expressed. This finding was completely orthogonal to my imagination as i had thought of some hormones getting drastically low and hence experience boredom. It is believed by some researchers that people experience boredom out of an inability to know what they are feeling and what it is that they really want. This feeling has a new medical term — “Alexithymia” which means inability to know what one’s feelings really are. Well my inference is … if you don’t have any work that keeps you occupied, you get bored. Is it possible that, one can have a situation when there is nothing to do? I tend to disagree. We get bored when we do not want to do, what we are supposed to do.

Now … look at my sorry self , got bored in what-ever work I was involved in, started writing this blog so as to make myself understand or rather  incoherently as to why I got bored, trying desperately to change my mental state  and probably you too got bored in what you were involved in, looking out for a change, began reading my blog and that state is called BOREDOM.

aah ..! truly a long one but what the heck..? I was bored 🙂

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Making Money

UB City

I ended my previous post with the word Hobby. Co-incidentally some events happened which made me re-think about the meaning of this word. Just for the record – “An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure” is what the dictionary will define it. Why am i writing this, read on…

It was lunch time. A normal buzz filled the air in our small office cafeteria. While having lunch with my colleagues we spoke about the UB City where we had been to as a team outing. UB City is a state of the art shopping mall with international brands like Louis Vuitton, Omega, and Apple iStore to name a few.  This conversation ended up with everyone curiously thinking about the amount of money the owner had spent on constructing it and money he still possess.

“My hobby right now is to make Money” was the statement one of my colleague made. He went on to say that he was not getting enough time to continue his hobby seriously. I was stunned… had a big exclamatory mark on my face. My  friends didn’t heed to those words I thought, but those words caught my attention.Damn! … What a cool hobby to have … 🙂

If anyone is confronted with a question what are your hobbies? You get the most common answers like reading books, Music, cricket… blah blah, but look at this Guy.! I probably would say he was the epitome of money grubbing person coz we as “Software Engineers” would almost draw a six figure salary or more annually but still having money making as a hobby!

All said and done but, when i thought deeply about this exotic hobby, I myself seem to be divided on this from within. One side of me feels,  If i start calculating and thinking of all the ways of making money so as to secure my  future … when would i living my life to the fullest. I have seen people sitting glued to TV Channels, hearing to that pause-less conversations about the Market, trying hard to understand complex calculations and dynamics of it, eying to make profits in every highs and lows. This was just an example I chose which always makes news. Be it any public places, newspapers or even vehicles all are flooded with advertisements telling you how to make money.  Honestly i never ever dreamt of all this during my college days.

But on the flip side, i think there is nothing wrong in dreaming big and working relentlessly towards it “LEGALLY” because every person coming from middle class family wants to make it big in his life. In tracking the Market you get a general awareness about money transactions and since our professional career is also a part of it, becomes all that more important. When i gaze at the traffic ahead of me on my way to office, i see hundreds of cars, SUV’s starting from luxurious to more luxurious ones. I would keep on imagining how it feels to lay hands on those highly sensitive power steering wheels which gives you the control of maneuvering a vehicle with your finger tips,  those upholstered seats, AC …  only to be brought back to reality with a loud honk from behind.   Damn! … When would I own one of them. I some times wonder if those people have made making money as their hobby.  I am not stopping at cars; there is an entire world out there which can be owned. This hobby has become every successful person’s prerogative and sure many wouldn’t want to take this hobby lightly.

So next time if any one asks you this question what’s your hobby? What would you say…? Hopefully the truth 🙂

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My New Found Hobby.. !!

It was 11:30 in the night.  While talking with my roomie I was setting up my bed to crash on it in this new house i had moved into just a week ago. Out of the blue he spoke about a blog he had written recently.  He went on telling  as to how millions of people write blogs just about anything. I was fascinated instantly. Of-course i had heard about blogging, but i was never serious about it.

I switched off the room light as my roomie was feeling sleepy, so was i few minutes back, but this conversation was like strong cup of coffee which woke me up. My mind was bombarded with thoughts, fighting vigorously against sleep inducing chemicals. Why shouldn’t i blog.?  What should i be writing in my blogs.? Should it be completely technical writing about  Plugins , Fameworks, Interfaces.? as it gels well with my professional career. What should i write in my first blog.? How will my friends react to my blogs .? I couldn’t stop my mind to think.

This is me .. a software Engineer , programmer by day, programmer by evening, not so good programmer by night. I work in a company which requires me to code in the night as well … ah, during  release times it will always be a night-out.
So after almost 2 weeks i decided to put all my thoughts that happened on that night. I dont know at this point what i would be writing about in future but one thing is for sure i would be blogging. May be i can call myself a blogaholic some day in future and i am taking baby steps here, really felt good writing this.

I created an account in which is an open source blog publishing application with some fantastic features and to top it all this app also features in linkedIn. There is much more, You can actually install WordPress locally on your own machine. I will tell as to how to install on your machine in my coming blogs .

For the ever increasing percentage of bloggers, i too am joining this family. Now i can proudly say Blogging is my new found hobby :-).


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